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  Air Conditioning

Air conditioning has come a long way and there is a new generation of systems that feature higher efficiencies for lower utility bills, variable speed fans for quieter operation, and programmable thermostats for better temperature control.  Whether you want a fullblown central a/c system or a mini split system, our technicians at Paupack Fuel can handle the installation.

Central Air
Serving the Lake  Region of the Poconos and the greater Lake Wallenpaupack area, Paupack Fuel can assist in the conversion of an existing system or the design and installation of a new unit.  We feature quality central air conditioning systems from ThermoPride and Comfortmaker.

Conversion Complexity

Air conditioning conversions - whole house conversions?

If forced air system in place: a basic conversion would require the addition of an indoor cooling coil to your furnace, an outdoor condensing unit, and the proper thermostat.

If the existing heating system uses steam or hot water, there are no ducts or a central blower. In this case, ductwork will have to be installed in the attic, basement or ceiling in order to convert the house to central air conditioning.

Mini Split Systems
Ductless air conditioners are called "mini-split" systems. A split system means that the compressor/condenser unit is located outdoors and "split" from the indoor cooling coils/blower. Just a small three-inch diameter hole is cut in the wall to run the tiny refrigerant lines and electric wires to the indoor cooling units.



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