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  Heating Systems
Paupack Fuel Oil offers both design and installation services for state of the art heating systems in new construction within the Lake Region of the Poconos and the greater Lake Wallenpaupack area. Additionally, they offer service and repair options for existing systems.

Installation of Hyrdronic (hot water) systems and Air Systems
Hydronic Systems

Air Systems

The oil burners of today are so clean that they produce on average six ounces of soot for every three tons of heating oil burned. Contrary to the common misconception that heating oil is a volatile fuel, be advised that heating oil is safe. If you dropped a burning match into a barrel of oil, the match would go out, just as if you had dropped it in water. Oil must be vaporized before it will ignite or burn. (from NORA National Oil Heat Research Alliance)
Electric to Oil Conversions
The move up to oil from electric heat is a clean, simple conversion regardless of your current system.
  • Electric homes with ductwork require no structural change: you supplement the heat pump with a furnace or boiler and heat exchanger that uses existing ducts.
  • Homes with electric baseboards require minimal structural change: an oil-fired boiler distributes hot water through hidden tubes to hydronic baseboard radiators.
  • OR... add the option of central air conditioning by switching from electric baseboard to forced air with new duct work.

    Provided by R.W. Beckett Corporation.
Propane to Oil Conversions
Why Make a Change?
  • Hot Water Production- Since an oil flame is hotter than a propane flame, it can produce hot water faster. The average recovery rate (amount of hot water that can be produced in one hour) of a gas or propane fired water heater is approximately 40 gallons per hour. The average recovery rate of an oil fired water heater is approximately 120 gallons per hour. Therefore, oil can produce three times the amount of hot water as propane.
  • Safety- Since propane is highly flammable and explosive, it is illegal to install a propane tank inside a home or building. Heating oil, on the other hand, is combustible, not flammable. This means that heating oil will not burn at room temperature. In fact, it must be heated to 140 F before it will burn. Therefore, it is legal and perfectly safe to install a heating oil tank in a basement, garage or storage area of a home or office.

No Chimney NO Problem!
Today's modern oil heat systems require no chimney! In fact, oil heating systems that run at efficiencies of 95% and above cannot be vented into traditional masonry chimneys. Instead, combustion emissions are released through a specially-designed plastic pipe that vents to the outside of the home.
Job Photos
Oil fired Peerless hydronic system photo.  Weil McLain cast iron baseboard photo.  Buderus LP fired hydronic system photo.  Hydronic baseboard installation photo.  Oil fired Peerless hydronic system photo.
Heating System Photo  Heating System Photo  Heating System Photo  Heating System Photo

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