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  Why Oil
General Oil Heat Facts
With so many choices available in today's energy market, why choose oil heat to keep you and your family warm and comfortable?
  • The truth about oil heat is that it is the best energy source available. The majority of home heating oil is sold by local dealers, who live and work in your community, and who believe that customer service is as important as the product they sell. Oil dealers offer a full range of professional in-home services. This is an important advantage for the homeowner.
  • Home heating oil heat is clean burning. Modern oil burners produce negligible amounts of smoke and soot. Oil heating equipment has always been more advanced and many equipment innovations have been developed that are revolutionizing oil heat technology.
When deciding on how to heat your home, learn about efficiency factors: oil furnaces can exceed 90% efficiency, gas furnaces are 77% efficient, electric heat furnaces are only 31% efficient. (Source: U.S. Department of Energy)
Don't just take our word for it! Learn more about why oil heat is just better by visiting OILHEAT.COM

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